An autopoesis in thirteen terms.

the bronze-lacquered, silver innards of a clockworks, gold sun shining through, illuminating its awesome complexity.
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  1. Time is an environment for opportunities.

1.1. Time holds the environments in a memorable state of sequential event-laden opportunity spaces.

1.2. Time cannot be occupied but an agent can evolve powers of conceptual thought which may render time exploitable as a resource.

2. Space is an opportunity for environments.

2.1. Space yields of itself a platform of workable opportunities to produce and reproduce body-types and the forms of their environments.

2.2. Space can be occupied, exploited as a resource, wielded as a weapon; but it cannot be defeated, as the space that your life relies on is a kind of spatial thing that is in an immortal cyling and recycling behavior pattern, such that it must die that other life may live.

3. Life is an environment for opportunities.

3.1. Life offers up sacrifices to itself, bodies at the altarpieces of other bodies which outhungered their emaciated forms.

3.2. Neither life nor death is voluntary, but survival always is; every day an animal eats with the power to know its natural freedom to starve, that is a day that animal made a choice to exist.

4. Death is an opportunity for environments.

4.1. Death makes possible the transference of earned energy rewards between immensely disparate layers of the biospheric multiverse.

4.2. Death is the necessary evil twin of life, just as pain is pleasure’s purest companion and hate is the estranged half-sibling of love.

5. Hate is nothing disguised as something.

5.1. Hate is born most readily from an abyss which begins to surrender its depths and inverts into a mountainous horror.

5.2. Hate makes the mistake of the man who would move a mountain to view a sunset: ’tis far rather you who must be moved, you or your ability to see.

6. Man is something disguised as nothing.

6.1. Man has his own will, and this will is one which he has either already succumbed to and finalized his fate underground or in his story, or learned to stop believing in to keep alive lies of another’s will.

6.2. Man will love anything that lingers longer than he has in the face of his own will.

7. Love is nothing disguised as something.

7.1. Love cannot help but be born; it is as natural as rain after flood that some vulnerable creatures should turn to teach other in their timeless fear and beg to kiss face for eternity as lovers.

7.2. Love is as easy as cruelty among women when they have nothing to do but laugh and sing and play.

8. Woman is something disguised as nothing.

8.1. Woman has her own will, and this will is one which she has either already succumbed to and finalized her fate underground or in her story, or learned to stop believing in to keep alive lies of another’s will.

8.2. Woman will love anything that lingers longer than she has in the face of its own will.

9. Story is an opportunity that treats spacetime as an environment for sharing knowledge of life, death, hate and love with people evolving alongside the storyteller in different narrations.

9.1. Story is the ultimate tool which permits some in a world to claim mastery over others by forcing subjugated peoples into an environment where their surest opportunities for survival depend on their complicity with rules which keep them under the captivity of those who in the official story are masters over their whole world.

9.2. Story is so powerful because its ability to speak worlds into being permits its most powerful practitioners such pure and unadulterated pleasures of creation that they forget to recognize that actual other narrations come to live inside their words’ worlds.

10. World is an environment outside of spacetime that offers up opportunities for life forms to survive based on the stories people tell themselves and others and then store in the 4D environment of spacetime about life, death, hate, love, man, woman, space, time, and story itself.

10.1. World cannot be occupied, but must be ‘inhabited’ as a set of behavior and thought regimes which, in turn, must occupy the world subject’s total attention at all times and in all spaces.

10.2. World can be overthrown but only by a more powerful story.

11. Power is that mysterious material-ideologically held-authoritative force by which, through the dependably chaotic violence of its thanatological shifts, a world reproduces itself through heroic deaths and fortunate births, all needed by a species which can and therefore must justify its power forever to its own self-same kind, for on its dust the pure reflection of spacetime drifts.

11.1. Power does not actually ever touch those who feel its presence most; (the certainty of nuclear death’s sure euthanasia;) rather, power is the feeling of the presence of the power’s force which could be and thus would be applied, barring some change in power arrangements, to those who would oppose with their entire life force that power’s source, even should the source prove to be devilish.

11.2. Power is only held in reserve for the ones who survive past the moment in time its infliction produces fresh victims.

12. Victim is the most basic product of power.

12.1. Victim is the most basic typology of life forms, for all life forms are victims, but not all life forms ever will achieve a victory over victimization, except in eusocial proreproductive human cultural activities. These proreproductive activities are necessary to memorialize, enshrine the worldview of, and venerate the victim as a class of revolutionary subjects whose existence, whether it be permanent in death or prior in being a survivor, must be mourned, integrated, healed, as a sort of existential or necessary ontological reason for their coming into being through parental reproduction.

12.2. Victim is the breed of thing that “masters of capital” wield power, as a technical extension of their personhood, to cultivate, incubate, breed, and reproduce, a self-concept, a facticity of nature, an inevitable consequence of being born as we are, a blistering and blood-boiling malaise among people who die and prefer to think this is ordinary to be done under veils of smoke and gas cannisters and marching in parades for some emperor or other who would rather grind me up like beef or like pork sausage, when I am a poor Jew who must eat chicken or fish once a week, as my mother says, and I declaim the foul stench of the rotten meat that is passed to me like it’s supper worthy, like the haunting of Earth by gestapo, who hunt me and peoples like me, the Nazi pox dementia which spreads among oppressive peoples like germs, stinking like rotten or defecated meat, like victory for a master’s world through the defeat of a victim’s one, these knots of fate bound together so tight they cannot even be loosed by God.

13. God outlives every story.

13.1. God is the last one you can talk to when you cannot talk.

13.2. God is that Form in whose behavior through effortless continual replication of its own nature through arbitrary eons and in whose basic nature as the One that Made This All Up, for Its Own Sake, further, and in whose unimaginably perfected state of entirely unstained conscience can be seen the Supreme Mastery of all such complete knowledges of natural science and its endlessly parallel forms that their wisdom would plunge the shallow depths of every story and drain it utterly of its power over worlds.

Epilogue: Fear God and Follow Not the Piper.



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