3 DMs to Dating Sites…hi

Jesus Christ, dude, you’re really fucking cool… (yogi and sexy as well? sheesh, as my students say…) It’s an interesting world Kate… infinitely so. such fucking depth of liberty in the human soul, and such hardship to plumb its waters… I am two years younger than you and have not been through the same hardships, but I can really, honestly say that I am on a very resonant spiritual path in some other octave perhaps, but there’s something happening here Kate. I naturally must expect that you shall not read nor care for this message nor find interest in its sender… but I naturally hope that the truth in my gut is not an illusion, and you, not someone like you, but you should be the one I was prophesied in a dream state, the ‘first fish who opens its mouth’; I think that line comes from a verse in the New Testament. If you’re not into the whole Bible or prophecy shit, that’s cool, cuz I’m not into it either. Not really. It just came up for me again just now for the first time in a while… usually I’m very sensible. I open my mouth sometimes too wide and let all the soul come out a little too long… for you, that gamble will always have been worth it. nama-fucking-ste. zach ❤
I was gonna make a lawyer joke, when I realized that lawyers have the worst jobs… they’re too serious to laugh about… I wonder if that’s why most lawyers I know seem so boring??? I was going to be a lawyer before I came to teaching… my family wanted me to use my ‘talents’ in the courtroom… after determining I would succeed if I prosecuted corporate malfeasance, I decided to leave my family system and take a teaching job to stabilize financially as a free agent, if you will… I will not speak to you in lawyer speak and say ‘bottom line, you’re smart and I’m smart, and I want to see if you could be an opportunity for love.’ instead, I will say this: your beauty is immediately affecting. Your body looks so charming in your photographs, I want to just drop dead knowing the tall odds you’ll ever meet me. if you replied to this, I would probably shout once then laugh into my pillow… not out of awe but out of pride in myself and in you for noticing someone who really deserves the love of a woman with such peerless beauty as Brittany on Ok Cupid, the paralegal brunette and slim vixen. By god, if fate should ordain you send me your interest, I shall only rest once you are mad with desire for your life or you have shown me you are mad with desire for your life. So be careful… Though I hope you’ll recognizer a romantic kidder… I am not really this crazy. Just this high. And lonely. ❤ zach b

Elise…you must know how much easier it is to send this, my message, to you, knowing you smoke weed… because I do not know how possible it is for me to send this message when I am flying low… but I have hope and some reason to have faith that you will read this and have faith that the sender means the words earnestly, as one soul-seeker to another, maybe both of them flying high…

Life is passing through our fingers Elise… sometimes it feels I lift my eyelids and my hair is whiter… sometimes I remember to say grace that my knees still work without crippling pain… sometimes I can’t accept I’m getting older, or at least, am not quite ‘young’ anymore–not old, but not ‘quite young.’

I’m now flying through a season of life where I am free of expectations yet void of possibilities…

I am high in freedom and am low in form…

I desire so much to simply crawl through my screen and entertain guests of strangers in a cave of our dreams…

other times, I wish to rip off my screen and cast it in the river of death with my skin…

I wish to rip off my cotton in a fit of rage and wash my shirt in the Ganges…

I am in love with something, Elise, I don’t know what. I think it’s just Beauty, and it lets me do anything I want. It lets me converse with projections of shadows on the Internet. It lets me unwind with the ghosts of photographs and diaries and never expect a response to my queries…

it’s been lovely, ‘Elise.’ though you never may reciprocate my loving, it is offered unconditionally forevermore.

zach b. ❤




Loquacious–but Laconic.

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Zach Bartell

Zach Bartell

Loquacious–but Laconic.

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